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Case study

In 8 months, sales rise by 233%. Obtaining a 4% conversion rate.

Typically, the first step in increasing sales is to contact a marketing firm. This occurs frequently enough, yet you may be familiar with (or perhaps the hero of) instances in which tasks outsourced to such a company failed to produce results.
In 8 months, sales rise by 233%. Obtaining a 4% conversion rate.


This issue was brought to our attention by hellodogs.pl, a firm that manufactures and sells premium dog food. The brand name “Dobra Karma” speaks for itself.

The owners have set themselves the objective of reaching pet owners. The efforts were to be concentrated on the store, which benefited from traffic from numerous promotion channels, as it was one of the stronger activities.

We were aware that the agency was responsible for the traffic, but it was not providing any benefits. To condense the situation, visits without conversion = no pet food sales.


What was our mission?

Determine the reasons for the low conversion rate and provide a remedy.

What strategies have we selected?

  • User research
  • IDI tests
  • Google Analytics quantitative analysis
  • Following actions: UX/UI Website Design and A/B Tests

Hypothesis and research

When the number of consumers increased, it was apparent that the store had reached a stage of rapid expansion, but the technical solutions and usability did not match the pace of this growth.

Given this immense potential, we were required to deliver solutions to major issues from the outset, maximising the effectiveness and profitability of paid advertising efforts.


As is typical for websites with poor conversion, the page’s readability and consistency, and hence reception, were difficult. Similar evaluations were conducted by users in following investigations. It was discovered that the primary reaction of dog owners to online information is a reluctance to change the dog’s diet due to a bad website message that fails to convey the benefits of such treatment.


We were aware that the products were of superior quality and that their high prices were reasonable. However, it was not immediately apparent to the carers. Primarily due to the fact that the brand was new, it was not linked with the promised high level, hence the price list did not entice or even deter prospective purchasers. There were also technical concerns, such as navigational challenges and poor product presentation on subpages.


Concept of alterations

The duration of the optimisation was anticipated to be one year:

  • Redesign of essential shopping path elements

  • Implementation of a new method for displaying product attributes

  • Redesign of information architecture

  • Application of promotional mechanisms and basket recovery techniques

  • Permanent CRO and commercial discussions, including tight collaboration with a positioner and a performance marketing specialist.

The results

  1. Eight months of revenue growth of 233%
  2. Achieving a 4% conversion
  3. Enhancing visual quality
  4. Creating shopping personas
  5. Enhancing the customer journey


Even if marketing operations are conducted correctly, there is no assurance of success. If the website or online store is improperly constructed, it will be prohibited. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the final user experience via research and optimization. Ultimately, only the symbiotic relationship between the marketing agency and the UX / CRO firm guarantees the organisation profits and benefits.

The process of online conversion optimization should be divided into three phases:

  • actions that enhance traffic
  • data analysis
  • usability analysis.

The shortcut is designed to increase traffic, and the majority of agencies choose to implement it. However, it may not always be effective to rely just on a single stage. When it does not work, a UX / CRO agency is required.

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