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Kick off meeting – what is it and how do we conduct it?

Kick off meeting – what is it and how do we conduct it?

The kick off meeting is the first meeting of the team that will be involved in a given project. At the kick-off, we learn what the goal of the project is, how much time we have to complete it, define when the project is finished and get to know the team members. During the meeting, we can also determine what challenges will arise while working on the project.

What can you expect from a kick-off with a UI specialist?

Kick off – UI design

At the meeting, we will ask you questions about the target group. Both qualitative and quantitative questions are asked – they all have an impact on the final creation. The more closely we get to know you and your product at the kick-off meeting, the greater the chance that the project will be successful.

In addition, we want to know your visual taste through specific examples and their analysis – from this moment you start taking part in the design process.

We will also show you our existing projects, compare with benchmarks or old versions of projects.

We also discuss the scope of the project and work flow. We will let you know how we work, what we use and we say what will happen in the next step.

What can you expect from a kick-off with a UX specialist?

Kick off – user research

During the kick-off meeting on user research, we will ask you key questions about your digital product, we will talk about the problems you perceive, as well as those encountered by users of your website or application. We will find out what is important to you, what are your expectations regarding the research, and we will establish its plan and schedule.

What questions will be asked?

  • At what stage of development is your website or application – is it a concept or an existing store or portal?
  • What do you expect from the research – what do you want to learn about the users of your product, what are the already noticed problems you would like to solve?
  • What values do you offer your users – what sets you apart from the competition?

What will we establish?

  • Based on the interview, we will select a research method that will allow us to obtain as many valuable answers as possible, which will be used to prepare recommendations for good changes,
  • Together, we determine how the recruitment of research participants will proceed – will you leave it to us, or will you propose respondents from among your users with whom you have good contact?
  • Schedule – we will specify the exact start and end dates of the project stages, as well as the submission of the report.

What will we inform you about?

  • About the difficulties arising from working with respondents – people are only people and sometimes they do not appear at scheduled meetings.
  • About the possibility of extending the recruitment – in the case of a specific target group, it happens that we need a little more time to recruit appropriate respondents.

Kick off meeting – summary

Kick off workshops are the beginning of our joint journey on the project. This is a prelude to creating a product that will meet all your assumptions and expectations. It is worth preparing for it in order to make the most of the time allocated to it and exchange as much information and tips as possible.

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