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User Experience audit

UX audit

We will increase conversion by improving the quality of user experience using your website, store or app.

  • Up to 587% more conversion
  • Eliminate up to 94% of errors
  • 15% lower bounce rate.

    Better UX? Let's talk about it!
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    Comprehensive expert evaluation

    During the website, store or application UX audit, we evaluate the usability, functionality, intuitiveness, technical condition and to what extent they meet the expectations of users.

    Increase the conversion!
    Little changes, big results.
    UX audit

    Little changes, big results.

    The modifications we suggest are broken down by level of complexity. The goal is not to change all elements, but to optimize existing solutions.

    Data-driven decisions.
    A/B testing

    Data-driven decisions.

    Each audit remains an opinion. Therefore, we recommend that you support an expert audit with A / B tests, and then continue with further optimization based on user research.


    How we conduct a UX audit?


    We will conduct an introductory meeting with you to get to know your business and understand who you are addressing your offer to.


    We will perform the analysis using the cognitive journey method, i.e. as your recipients do it (desktop + mobile).

    Nielsen & Molich Heuristics

    We will verify compliance with the Nielsen & Molich list of heuristics.


    We will verify the technical condition, content structure, matching to the target group, design, elements affecting the conversion, data from Google Analytics.


    You will receive a detailed UX report. You will learn the proposed solutions to all issues and the justification for our recommendations.


    You will discuss the received report with our specialist during the summary meeting.

    User Experience audit

    Who is UX audit for?

    For e-commerce with low conversion rate
    By conducting a UX Audit, your store will increase sales without increasing the marketing budget.
    For apps at every stage of development
    UX audit at every stage will save your company's developers' time, which would be devoted to unforeseen changes.
    For pages that have traffic but no inquiries
    If you already have traffic, but you are not generating leads or inquiries, an UX Audit will solve this problem.

      Better UX? Let's talk about it!