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Partner cooperation with the UX agency


Being our part means

  • Additional value in your products
  • Save your team’s time
  • Extension of your offer

    Better UX? Let's talk about it!
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    Our clients
    • Neonail
    • sprawny.marketing
    • Gaspol
    • Sygnity
    • UPS
    • VOIP Studio
    • Astra
    • Grupa TENSE
    • Bauer
    • Komputronik Biznes
    • Globkurier
    • Divezone

    Cooperation models  tailored to the style of work in your business

    Our designers and researchers will become part of your team during the project implementation for your client. Our cooperation will focus on learning, providing information or designing. Do you want to extend your offer with UX Audits / UX Research / UI Design? Let’s get to know each other!

    Let's get to know each other!
    Cooperation process

    How does a partnership look like?

    Let’s meet

    We will get to know each other at the introductory meeting and create a list of areas in which we can cooperate.

    Model of cooperation

    We will choose a cooperation model:

    • Open cooperation
    • Hidden cooperation (white label)
    • Consultation with your team
    • Others, tailored to your business

    You will receive commercial offers and marketing materials from us that may be useful to you.


    When there is an opportunity to cooperate, we can take over the customer’s sales service or be part of your team (hidden cooperation).


    Your client will receive excellent cooperation results, and you will receive a commission.

    For whom?

    We work with

    SEO / SEM agencies
    You can enlarge services with SEO / CRO optimization so that your SEO / PPC activities bring better results.
    Software House and Web Dev
    We bring additional value to the design of apps and websites by researching and designing UX / UI.
    IT companies / Helpdesk
    We will help your clients as a partner worth recommending in the areas of Web / UX / UI competences.
    Grupa Tense
    Works with us in terms of UX
    • chart-alt
      Detailed UX audits and analyzes
    • network
      More value for the company and customers
    • chat
      Outsourcing of UX specialists and Developers

      Better UX? Let's talk about it!