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Wyższa konwersja, większe możliwości biznesu

UX Research

We deliver value by asking what’s important to you and your customers. We work with the use of in-depth interviews, qualitative research and usability tests.

  • We verify real needs of users.
  • We get to know the motivations behind the decisions of consumers
  • We deliver data that cannot be accessed by other methods.

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    Our clients
    • Neonail
    • sprawny.marketing
    • Gaspol
    • Sygnity
    • UPS
    • VOIP Studio
    • Astra
    • Grupa TENSE
    • Bauer
    • Komputronik Biznes
    • Globkurier
    • Divezone

    We Research / Create / Test

    UX research is conducted in the form of live meetings of researchers with the target group. We study interactions with digital products by accurately asking questions, learning about stories, motivations and observing behaviour. Thanks to research, we will help you make the right business decisions.

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    By listening, we reach what is important
    Listening and observation

    By listening, we reach what is important

    The essence of UX research is active listening and careful observation of behaviour, including the unconscious ones.

    An in-depth response to business challenges
    Empathetic researcher

    An in-depth response to business challenges

    A good researcher is characterized by empathy, which is just as important as methodological preparation. He remains an impartial observer throughout the research process. It is the voice of the users in your business.


    How do we conduct the research?


    We will conduct a workshop during which we get to know your company, goals and user persona.


    Based on the workshops, we select the most appropriate research methods.


    We recruit respondents on the basis of a screening survey and develop research scenarios.


    We conduct research based on selected methodologies. We document their course in audio / video form. You can be a research observer if you want.


    We prepare research results in the form of a report. We will transform the acquired data into knowledge for you and your team.


    We will discuss the research results in a concluding workshop.

    Ready solutions

    Our UX Designers can develop ready-to-implement solutions based on conducted research.

    For whom?

    For e-commerce sites that want to increase conversion
    Thanks to UX Research, your store will increase sales without increasing the marketing budget.
    For apps and digital products
    UX research at every stage saves the time of your company's developers who would spend on unforeseen changes.
    For companies that want to bring out new products
    If you know the target group of the new product, you will get feedback before its introduction.

      Better UX? Let's talk about it!