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Digital Mystery Shopping

Digital Mystery Shopping

We verify every area of your sales and service process. Both, digital and physical.

  • Contact quality before selling
  • Automatic communication with the customer
  • Website quality (UX / UI)
  • Quality of delivery, package, communication
  • Complaints and returns process
  • Other areas according to your scenario

    Better UX? Let's talk about it!
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    Our clients
    • Neonail
    • sprawny.marketing
    • Gaspol
    • Sygnity
    • UPS
    • VOIP Studio
    • Astra
    • Grupa TENSE
    • Bauer
    • Komputronik Biznes
    • Globkurier
    • Divezone

    Better Customer Experience in the processes of sales, service and logistics. We optimize all touch points

    We connect the digital and physical world, offering a comprehensive view of the business, ensuring constant monitoring and quality control.

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    UX is not only about aesthetics
    UX 360

    UX is not only about aesthetics

    We will check the sales and service process at each customer contact point.

    We will verify how your employees help in making a purchase decision and how they advise customers. We will evaluate the store in terms of the sales process and compliance with best practices.

    We will purchase selected products, verify delivery and packaging, and then check return or complaint processes.


    How do we conduct the Digital Mystery Shopping Survey?


    We will conduct a kick-off workshop with you to get to know the expectations, functioning of the company and purchasing personas.


    We will select tools tailored to conduct qualitative research. We will establish non-standard activities in the research scenario.


    Project Manager, UX researchers and e-commerce specialists will watch over it from the beginning of the project. We provide ongoing contact with team members and access to the schedule of activities through the project management application.


    We will assess the quality of after-sale contact, delivery time, compliance with the declaration, quality of services provided by external suppliers. We will verify the safety and packing method, aesthetics and additional materials.


    We will evaluate the return and complaint process: response time, way of settling the matter, quality of communication, process costs.


    You will receive a detailed UX report. You will learn proposed solutions to all issues and the justification for our recommendations.

      Better UX? Let's talk about it!