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When is the optimal period for conducting UX research?

When is the optimal period for conducting UX research?

UX research is a fascinating subject. It stimulates the imagination and the desire for spiritual growth. The problem of transforming the same amount of resources into greater revenues is comparable to eco-driving. Methods, tests, knowledge, and training are significant.

However, at the start of the journey, a lamp may illuminate with the inquiry “Is this the optimal moment to improve conversion?” You may be hesitant, particularly if your store is at the start of its promotional journey, its exposure on Google is just beginning, and target audience awareness is low. In short, the necessary traffic for any conversion is just beginning to be acquired.

Does optimization make sense without benchmarks at this stage?

The presented evidence illustrates a universal principle: user research can be integrated into various phases of company, website, and product development. Even at the concept stage, they provide significant advice. For instance, they aid in defining and specifying:

  • What are your intentions?
  • Regarding whom?
  • How?
  • Does there exist a market for it?
  • Exist the difficulties in reality?

Clearly, by answering these questions, you can prevent numerous costly errors and dead ends. Unprofitable paths and blunders that the market typically validates only when the business comes into contact with “hard reality.”

Early UX research allows you to mitigate the financial risk of the entire project. You have time to become familiar with the market. Analyzing purchase histories and identifying profitable actual problems to tackle.

Potential clients are the best source of answers to your most pressing business questions. It is beneficial to speak with them at every step of your business, but the initial conversation will be extremely fruitful. Not only may they save you from difficulty, but they can also provide you with solutions you would never have considered. In this approach, you will be able to better adapt your product or service to the current market trends and processes, which will result in particular cost savings and profits.

The second crucial stage for UX research is when the idea is commercially viable. Then you await the marketing’s consequences and the first substantial move. Since every new individual at this point has a significant impact, it is crucial to ensure that they have a positive experience. It should be expert, intuitive, and elicit favourable feelings.

Research is also an effective method for reinvesting income. After an idea is successful, you can observe the reasons of its success in real time and base your decisions on actual evidence rather than speculation or intuition. The objective of optimization is then to ensure conversion and accelerate corporate development. For the first time, a budget for broader activity in this area can be established.

On the other side, if the activity develops substantially, you may notice hitting a wall. Conversion will not increase further, and profits appear to be stagnating at the current level. Despite the fact that your company has established a large number of tried-and-true solutions and optimised all procedures, it eventually ceased to translate into growth. The plethora of elements and complexity of conversion operations in a corporation of this magnitude might also pose an issue. It is unknown what to look for, and there are no opportunities for advancement. In such a scenario, a comprehensive UX analysis leads to the acquisition of new information and the establishment of development paths. Those ignored and concealed by a well developed system.

Ultimately, UX research should resemble a trip to the doctor. They should be implemented if you believe that something is not functioning properly or when events occur that you do not comprehend. Repetitive application of techniques in this domain will help you get back on track. Or locate a more profitable alternative. The cost and scope of the research can be tailored to practically any budget and development stage.

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