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UX / UI training

We train company teams to deliver real value to their clients

Learn how to increase the quality of user experience and conversion with research methods.

    Better UX? Let's talk about it!
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    UX / UI training for companies

    Our trainings do not teach golden rules and rigid rules. We believe that design work is a way of thinking. We help to get a new perspective. Think in a customer-centric way.

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    We share our experience
    UX / UI training

    We share our experience

    During the training, we present how to research and think about creating services and products by putting the user in the center, identifying his problems and responding to expectations.

    Content, quality, practice

    Content, quality, practice

    We work with real examples, not hypothetical solutions.
    We help you understand how to think about what really stands for business success.
    Understand the importance of a user experience-driven approach.



    UX and conversion optimization specialist with research methods. Co-founder of the CRO / UX Webmetric agency. Together with his team, he provides business value by increasing the usability and conversion rate of websites, stores and applications. He also runs the “UX On the Way” channel, where he talks in a simple way about the users’ experiences in business and the role of research in the design process. In his over 10 years of experience, he has cooperated with brands such as Bauer Media, Komputronik, Neonail and Eurocash.


    What will you learn during the training?


    Design work and conversion optimization is a way of thinking. You will learn how to gain a new perspective. Think customer-centred and act on the verified needs of users. The increase in conversion in your products will be a natural consequence of applying the knowledge I will pass on to you.


    We will start with the theory, but I promise it will be short and succinct. We will sort out the main concepts, their genesis and explain all this industry jargon. Furthermore, we will sort out the concepts and go to the workshop part.


    During which we will perform a heuristic evaluation, map customer journeys, write usage scenarios and user stories, fill in the Red Routes matrix and even plan a UX study by selecting research questions, tools and scenarios.


    We will work on real examples, not hypothetical solutions. You will learn the importance of a user experience-driven approach and the role of research in optimizing conversions.

    Who is this training dedicated to?

    Owners, Managers, Designers, Marketer
    Do you create digital solutions for your clients? Positive user experiences measure the success of your activities? This training is for you!
    People who want to develop UX skills and awareness
    Do you want to learn how to increase the broadly understood conversion with research methods? This training is for you!
    People who want to provide better experiences to their customers
    Do you want to design according to customer-centric way? Do you want to base your work on data, not gut feeling? This training is for you!

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      We conveyed the key theory We organized the knowledge of UX concepts and the role of research methods in conversion optimization.
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      We carried out practical cases We practiced practical application in a workshop form.

      Better UX? Let's talk about it!