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How to increase the conversion of the app demo version?

When buying a car, we can arrange a test drive as a demonstration of its capabilities. In web applications, we can also take a ride to test the available functionalities before we decide on a paid subscription.
How to increase the conversion of the app demo version?


The test version / demo is the key point of contact between customers and the company. Positive experiences with a useful and intuitive demo version converts users into customers.

VoIPstudio is a comprehensive Internet telephony solution for business customers. Awarded many times in the telecommunications industry. Present on 75 world markets and serving 15 million minutes of calls a day.

Deploying an application in an organization means being associated with the chosen solution for a long time. Potential clients of the company thoroughly verify solutions of this type before implementation in person (in the case of smaller entities) or with the help of consultants or their own IT department employees.

They are usually IT professionals. The first group consists of IT professionals who are looking for VoIP solutions for their clients or companies in their work.

The second group consists of salespeople – people who use the application in everyday contact with the customer. They expect intuitive and reliable software at work.

Cooperation begins with the Demo version. The company noticed a low number of extensions by people who started working on the free version.


What were our goals?

1. Examine the process of creating a demo version, its configuration and testing. The test is performed with a group of IT specialists selecting VoIP solutions in their clients' companies.

2. Examine the process of getting started in a new user application. The test was performed with representatives of sales departments who receive the application installed on their business computers and smartphones.


What methods have we selected?

  • Classic usability tests

    A test involving the execution of a specific scenario during an individual meeting with the researcher.

  • Stream of consciousness

    A technique in which the respondent talks about his feelings, expectations and motivations on an ongoing basis.


Sample research scenario

  1. Download the demo from the website, create a test account, configure it to work and make the first test phone. Call 111 222 333.
  2. Pick up the test phone
  3. Add a new phone number
  4. Delete one of the added users
  5. Check your call history
  6. Sprawdź historię połączeń
  7. Create a settings backup file
  8. Add a new contact
  9. Test different panel modes - user, receptionist, etc.
  10. Test the application as you usually do in your work, before recommending it to the client

Hypothesis and research

The analysis of quantitative data and feedback from potential customers indicated that there are difficulties in configuring the demo version and in the first contact with the client application.

We asked – do users encounter barriers while testing the demo version, causing the process to be abandoned?


Concept of change

  1. 10 usability tests with transcription
  2. 237 observations
  3. Prioritizing the collected insights
  4. Preparation of recommendations for the development team


  1. Eliminating 90% of interface errors
  2. Increasing the conversion, understood as completing the configuration of the demo version
  3. Increasing the conversion, understood as a subscription purchase after testing the demo version
  4. Adjusting the website to the needs of the target group
  5. Increasing forecasted results by 43%

Simulation of financial results

A single user license costs $ 16.99 per month.

Increasing the number of finalized application tests by 10 a month gives a revenue increase of $ 6,000 / year, assuming that one company has an average of 3 salesmen.

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    The data presented allowed our team to learn about the users’ real behavior and notice barriers and difficulties on the way to conversion and satisfaction from using the application. We were able to take a step back and look at the solutions we create from a fresh perspective and better understand our users. Thus the studies have become the foundation of the changes on which the new and improved version of the application is based.
    Rob Seymour
    Rob Seymour MARKETING DIRECTOR in Voip Studio

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